Alexina B. by García-Tomás

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Liceu Opera Orchestra & Choir
Josep Pons, conductor
Marta Pazos, stage director

Lidia Vinyes-Curtis, Alexina/Abel Barbin
Xavier Sabata, Doctor Goujon
Alicia Amo, Sara


Raquel García-Tomás: Alexina B. - world premiere

Inspiration for this opera comes from the story of Adélaïde Herculine Barbin, also known as Alexina B., an intersex person born in France in 1838. Her testimony provides moving and fertile input for the sound universe of Raquel García Tomás, the winner of the 2020 National Award for Music.

Alexina was assigned the female sex at birth and grew up in a convent. Later, when working as a teacher, she fell in love with a female companion. In a society where accepting differences was a complex matter and heterosexuality was the norm, Alexina re-defined herself as a man and changed her legal sex and identity to become Abel Barbin. Unable to adapt, however, she was reduced to solitude and ultimately killed herself.